what a feeling...

I wanna go out to karaoke tonight. Anyone want to come with me? 

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Rachel, sssshhhhhhhhh.

Anonymous said: When was the last time you had sex?

Let’s just say it wasn’t as long ago as you might think…

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I left off the Captain so he’ll have to correct me. ;P

And let’s face it there’s no way I’m calling him Captain while we’re doing it that would totally take me out of the moment

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Julia loved shooting you. I bet she’d loved to use you as a model some other time!

That was so much fun.  We should do that again sometime!  I wil happily be her model!

Anonymous said: Top five celebrities and/or fictional characters you'd want to hang out with and/or hook up with, and go.

Off the top of my head…


  • Michael Fassbender
  • Chris Evans
  • Weesung
  • Adam Levine
  • Zac Efron

Fictional characters:

  • Jack Sparrow (I would get all up on that pirate booty)
  • Magneto (Fassbender version)
  • Steve Rogers
  • Tony Stark
  • Natasha Romanov

I have a thing for superheroes, apparently. XD

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Anonymous said: would you ever consider being a model?

I’d consider it, if it were an actual possibility.  I do love being in front of a camera!

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Fashion and business and open your own boutique!! :D

I almost like that idea better than opening a bakery!!!

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Anonymous said: What do you think is the sexiest part of the body?

I like necks.  And abs.

Although if I’m totally honest, a killer smile will get me every time.

While I definitely wonder what people are thinking sometimes, I don’t think I would actually want to know. That just seems way too invasive. People need their privacy!

Exactly! I mean I think sometimes it would be handy because you could actually tell what people are REALLY thinking when they won’t just say it, but that could backfire if they’re thinking not-so-nice things about you.  Not to mention, no one would ever be able to surprise me again!!  I would always see it coming, and there’s no fun in life without a few surprises. :)

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